Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Deckbuilding 202- Stasis Warden with Metasight

I've been trying to hold off till the patch coming in to post any new or refreshed deck ideas. However, my favorite deck has just been significantly improved, and I'm absolutely giddy about it. And it's all because of one new spell Foxhull and company revealed today.

This card is incredibly interesting. I don't think it is a card you can play flippantly and expect to get victories with since it doesn't actually help your board state. However, it will definitely have it' place leveling up the late game bombs and cards that become free at level 2. Notably, I think it will be fun to play in a Highlander deck, where instead of discarding creatures you don't want to play you can play Metasight and put yourself in a better position later in the game.

Metasight has already been noted to be strong with Master of Elements. It's not necessarily something you want to play straight up, but playing it for free is incredibly strong. It is a spell so it'll work with other spell cards like Flame Speaker and Stasis Warden.

For anyone not familiar with my Stasis Warden Deck, here is the Deckbuilding 101 link.

The Stasis Warden Deck has a few weaknesses. The goal of Stasis Warden Deck is to achieve stasis, where any creature without an active is rendered completely useless. It's vulnerable to creatures with activates, to aggressive creatures, and any card that goes over the head for direct damage. But, the biggest issue is often just not getting the cards leveled. Metasight goes a long way to solving that issue.

The Decklist:  
Metasight x3
Stasis Warden x3
Static Shock x3
Master of Elements x3
Uranti Bolt x3
Energy Surge x3
Energy Prison x3
Lightning Spark x2
Cypien Augmentation x2
Metasculpt x2
Flame Speaker x1
Sonic Pulse x1
Firestorm x1

This new decklist provides 9 ways to casually level up important cards, in particular Energy Surge (Static Shock, Master of Elements, Metasight). The new addition will also help keep Energy Prison relevant and to a lesser extent Metasculpt, but there aren't many cards that don't mind getting leveled or played for free. Metasight also gives this deck a seriously needed addition; there is now a way to level underleveled Stasis Warden while still insuring that you are continuously playing spells to keep the board completely shut down.

Depending on the meta, feel free to replace something like Firestorm. Another Metasculpt may well be more prudent, or a more fun card like Oreian Warwalker may be more appropriate or fun, but I personally am more afraid of Echowisp with this deck.

I don't necessarily feel I hit every important point on how Metasight will take this already fabulous and sadistic deck to the next level so I fully expect questions. My IGN is pwndnoob, and thank you for reading!

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  1. Just one note - it was actually Kit who spoiled the card (as per the podcast). Credit where credit is due - I got to spoil Weirwood Patriarch though. Siiiiiick card.