Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bad Combo I: Jet Pack!

Target Creature gets +3 Attack and I hate Steelforged Avatar decks

So, here we have a card that at first glance looks incredibly specific (and therefore bad). If your opponent is playing pure Alloyin and thinks Energy Prison is the best removal in the world, Jet Pack can potentially save the day. However, that's awfully specific, and Heavy Artillery exists as a superior option in the majority of situations. Maybe you can have 1 Jet Pack for the mirror Alloyin matchup, but it's an obsolete card otherwise.

Note: Target Creature. Not Target Opponent's Creature.

But, wait. You can Energy Prison your own creatures. Energy Prison on a Synapsis Oracle, for example, makes it much harder for your opponent to stop the leveling train. Energy Prison on a Uranti Firefist or Doomwing, Dire Drake can potentially mean you kill one creature a turn. Generally you want to be using it on your opponents major threats, but you can potentially befuddle your opponents and seriously punish them if they lack removal or aggressive creatures.

The card that implies Charmander > Bulbasaur > Squirtle

And here is the last combo piece. Simply place Oreian Warwalker in a lonely side lane, and Energy Prison him. Every turn double his attack. When he has a higher attack than your opponent and you have Jet Pack in hand you win! Best combo ever!

Sure, it dies if your opponent decides the 32/6 is worthy of removal, defender or not. Or your opponent has aggressive creatures he doesn't mind trading. Or you fail to remove/move (I suggest Seismic Adept) any creature that your opponent plays across from your Defending Warwalker.There is a reason this title
 is Bad Combo and not Actually Viable Combo.

I'm not going to humor a decklist, but Flowsteel Prototype potentially can grow similarly to Warwalker. Seismic Adept, Uranti Bolt, and Energy Prison come to mind as the most reliable ways to keep your Grow-Your-Own-Warwalker alive. Other high priority cards would be appreciated; as long as your opponent has to keep answering your threats and not the guy you willingly maimed your deck is working. The other option is to just try and sneak this into the already powerful Steelforged Avatar deck or Robot Tribal decks.

But, if anyone else has a deck idea that can potentially win with three Level 1 cards, I'd love to hear about it. My IGN is pwndnoob, I'll keep making these whether or not people read them, and thanks for reading and commenting! Till next time!

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  1. I built a deck like this with scourgeflame sorcs, gargoyles (built in D on their turn), doomwings, rite of the gg, prisons, jetpacks, etc... But putting rite of gg and prison on a guy was too much of an investment and doomwings and sorcs even if fully kitted out lost usefulness once you level up.