Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Deckbuilding 102- Chrogias Wall Deck

Two things inspired the Chrogias Wall Deck idea. The first is that I have never seen a wall deck, but I feel the idea is interesting (albeit absolutely full of legendaries), and second because I feel Chrogias is underused but is more powerful than people give him credit.

Chrogias Level 1 is a glorified Sapling. He is GGP fodder, and is preferably hidden away by Technosmith or Synapsis Oracle.

Chrogias Level 3 is obviously strong. Level 3 Chrogias wins games, simple as that.

Chrogias Level 2 is where Chrogias is interesting. In most decks he is useless, he is just a Level 1 Nexus Core, and nobody plays that card for a reason. However, in a wall deck he's an able body.

So, to the Chrogias Wall Deck:

Core- Chrogias, Heart Tree, Synapsis Oracle

If we are having a wall deck then Heart Tree is the obvious start. It's a great wall that is hard to kill due to Defender, and makes all our other walls much more resilient. Synapsis Oracle is another great wall, and helps us level up Chrogias and other high priority cards. Chrogias is our win condition, since walls don't really get damage through, but has more wall features that other options (aka Scrapforge Titan)

Synergy- Mossbeard Patriarch, Ghox, Botanimate, Energy Prison, Metasculpt, Sonic Pulse

Mossbeard Patriarch (aka Treebeard) isn't as good as Heart Tree, but helps keep our walls alive. Ghox, Metamind Paragon is a decent body, and loves that the rest of the deck is trying to get him more actives. He also has lots of presence, which can take pressure off Synapsis and Heart Tree.

Since this is a stall deck hard removal is a must, but Energy Prison in particular is amazing in this deck. Making an opponent's creature a defender and putting our own defender in lane across from it renders it completely useless. Energy Prison can also be used on our own creatures, making them hard to remove and their powerful actives remain on the board. Sonic Pulse makes the board a wet noodle fight, which is exactly what we want while Chrogias is leveling up.

Support- Lots of options

There is a ridiculous amount of legendaries required to make this deck workable, so testing to see what the ~5 remaining spots should be is impossible. But here are some considerations:

-Technosmith.  Not a wall, but perhaps 3 Synapsis Oracle isn't enough for this very level dependent deck
-Battle Techtician- Gives our walls a punch, and a decent body.
-Alloyin General- Similar to Battle Techtician, but more wally, more flexible, but less potential power.
-Bramblewood Guardian- Nothing special about this guy, but his stats are great, and if he's going to be in a deck this is it.
-Forge Guardian Alpha- Good stats, but importantly is a defender.
-Scrapforge Titan- Is 3 Chrogias enough win conditions? This guy is the runner up.
-Stasis Warden- Give baddies defender while I go find my Botanimate or Energy Prison, give our walls defender so they can continue to give strong actives each turn.
-NEXUS CORE- I'm pretty sure this is an awful card. But, not having to level to have a wall that matches up well with other Level 2 walls is pretty swell. I really don't know about Nexus Core, but I wanna love it.

So, there we have it. I doubt you will ever see anything like this deck, since there is high amount of specific legendaries and mythics in it that are mandatory, and anyone with that amount of legendaries is likely playing something a bit more conventional, but to me there aren't many things funnier than a Level 3 Chrogias/Mossbeard Patriarch combo.

My IGN is pwndnoob, I will write these whether people read them or not, thanks for reading and comments (here or on Reddit) are much appreciated!


  1. Battle tech is key, and you're forgetting ferocious roar which gives your guys more health and lets the walls hit back and clear space.

    1. Well, this deck will significantly improve with new patch. Weirwood pumping up low attack creatures is perfect for a wall deck, and Thundersaur is incredibly powerful in this deck. I underestimated Battle Tech since this deck is (still) impossible to test without a huge card pool, but he only gets stronger with synergy with Thundersaur. I'm excited.