Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Deckbuilding 104: Zombie Draw Deck

Everyone loves a good tribal deck, and Zombie Tribal is definitely no exception. Like Dr. Frankenbaum for Abominations or Cultivate for Sapling Tribal, Xrath, Dreadnight of Varnia is the bannerholder for his tribe. He's obviously a powerful card, and there are plenty of good zombies to bring along.

However, playing Xrath based decks there is one problem, and it is a major one. It is very important that you level your Xrath army, and very important that they are polluting the board. Having 2 or 3 Xrath on the board makes each individual Xrath very difficult to remove, but too often you find yourself with 0.

Well, until you add some draw into your deck. The Xrath Zombie Draw Deck:

Core- Xrath, Energy Surge, Darkshaper Savant

Xrath just needs to be leveled and played whenever possible. Darkshaper Savant is a great zombie that you happily level due it's sheer power when able to sit on the board. Energy Surge lets us find these 6 cards every turn, so we can keep up a board state that is hard to deal with. Not overreacting at Power Level 1 is important, since if you can get away with leveling Energy Surge it pays for itself later in the game.

Synergy- Fell Walker, Keeper of the Damned, Zimus, Epidemic

Fell Walker is incredibly important. It can get 2 Xrath boosted kills, and doesn't need to be leveled so it is always a tasty Darkshaper target. Keeper of the Damned helps keep your major threats on the board, and Zimus is such a nuisance that Darkshaper and Xrath may survive if your opponent is distracted by the easier kill.

Support- Scourgeflame Sorcerer, Blight Walker, Ghox, Hellforged Avatar, Energy Prison, Cull the Weak, Hungering Strike, other Zombies

Scourgeflame is a very strong zombie, but you can't afford to level aggressively and lacks targets. Blight Walker is a bit overkill with Xrath on the board, but can act as persistent removal. Ghox gives more draw and is easier to play than Energy Surge Level 1, but he isn't a zombie. Hellforged Avatar isn't a zombie either, but when you draw 10+ cards in one turn he can be a big body. Energy Prison is level dependent when we have other priorities, but is sometimes necessary. Cull the Weak isn't level dependent, but helps get rid of pesky things like Heart Tree or Oracle. Hungering Strike is a useful one of, for when your zombies have their attack drop below 0.

How This Deck Works:

Power Level 1 it is more important to level the core cards over trying to gain board advantage. That being said, most cards in this deck scale well, so play reactive. At Power Level 2 get as many Xrath and Darkshaper on the board as possible, while keeping opponents board clear. Use Fell Walker, Zimus, Energy Prison, and Blight Walkers to retard your opponent when looking for your core cards. Eventually you will end up with a full board of zombies while your opponent has nothing (well, hopefully).

My IGN is pwndnoob, I will continue to make these posts whether people read them or not, but I will appreciate advice or constructive criticism on formatting, and please feel free to comment. Thanks for reading, till next time!

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  1. Thanks for the deck Idea, I threw together something based on the guidelines here and had a lot of fun with it!