Friday, October 18, 2013

Deckbuilding 105: Statis Warden Deck

Best Card In The Game. Not kidding.
If you are described by at least three of these five categories you will this like this deck.

1. I like having my games take half an hour, and reach Rank 9 before I win.
2. I like instantly losing if my opponent plays certain deck archetypes, but winning if they play different decks.
3. I like feeling the hate of my opponents seep through the cracks in my keyboard.
4. I like playing 8 cards in one turn.
5. I like winning. Winning without legendaries is cool.

 This deck is the most challenging deck I've played, but it's incredibly powerful if played correctly.

WARNING: This deck is not playable in timed games, at least until server lag is dealt with. If you are playing well someone will run out of time, and it will likely be you due to complicated turns.

Typically I won't give out a deck list, but given the cards in 2013 Core Set this deck list is pretty close to perfect. And no legendaries!

Statis Warden Deck:

3 Statis Warden
3 Static Shock
3 Energy Prison
3 Energy Surge
3 Uranti Bolt
3 Cypien Augmentation
3 Master of Elements
3 Lightning Spark
2 Metasculpt
2 Aerial Surge
1 Flame Speaker
1 Sonic Pulse

I actually picked up this deck after having a variation of it used on me. The guy, bless his heart, had 3 Statis Warden and 27 spells, including Frozen Solid. This deck is anything but intuitive, so let's go through it card by card.

Statis Warden- The heart of the deck. Getting Wardens on the board, keeping them alive, and leveling them is the crux of this deck. Everything else is just stalling to give you time to find more Wardens. What makes Statis Warden so amazing is that he can target himself, meaning he is very hard to kill. Play two spells in one turn, and both Statis Warden and whatever is in the lane across from him are both defending.

Static Shock- It's a free spell, which means an extra Statis Warden proc. Very useful in letting you get down a Statis Warden from your hand, while not leaving anything attacking.

Energy Prison- Render enemy useless. Gives you one less guy that needs to be handed defender each turn. Beats Zimus. Amazing card.

Energy Surge- Firstly, it's a free spell. Secondly, it helps go find more free spells. And lastly it goes and finds more Statis Wardens. Very important to level, and not as easy as other spells, but any turn you draw a leveled up Energy Surge is going to be a good one.

Uranti Bolt- It's removal, but it also slows down your opponent when necessary. If you have 5 guys you need to give defender, and only 2 Statis Warden a Uranti Bolt will give you the 5th defender. Energy Prison does the same thing, but Uranti Bolt doesn't need to be leveled to stall and can actually remove threats.
Cypien Augmentation- It's the second best free spell after Energy Surge, and free spells win games. Helps keep at least one Statis Warden alive. Always put Statis Warden in Lane 3 to let Cypien work.

Master of Elements- Is a good body that you don't mind trading with a guy with a powerful active. But, more importantly, gives more free spells. Spells = Good.

Lightning Spark- This is your win condition, and it's a pretty pitiful one. Any time you have complete board control you hit your opponent directly. Is also okay removal, so that's nice.

Metasculpt- This is the only place I'd consider changing the deck since Metasculpt is nice to see against certain decks (e.g. T/N Savants) and it would be nice to have 3. Between Energy Prison and Metasculpt no creature can touch you. Free at Level 3 is nice, but not very crucial.

Aerial Surge- Almost completely here for it's free spell aspect. Though it's funny to get in a hit once in a while, or just put a Master of Elements in front of something in dire times.

Flame Speaker- Has huge synergy with all the free spells and the deck in general, other than it's not a spell. That being said, it's only in the deck to make it go a bit faster. It's actually first on the chopping block.

Sonic Pulse- When everything isn't going particularly well taking -15 damage each turn is nice. Would love to have more, but every other card is so important and is much more often a better draw.

I've had two major losses with this deck. One, my opponent on his first turn of Rank 3 played Level 3 Echowisp into Level 3 Ferocious Roar. The second my opponent had a Xithian Shambler that he kept feeding despite having Energy Prison on it, which I was absolutely fine with until he used Explosive Demise for 55 damage.

But then I also won a game where I eventually won with 1 life while my opponent had 2 100/100 Dragons on the board. This deck versus lifegain deck is silliest matchup in Solforge...

Seriously though, this deck is an amazingly sadistic deck, and I feel it will be favorite deck for a while. Notably, it has no legendaries and no Savants, so it fits well in some special formats. I apologize for anyone who has played against me, or anyone inspired by this wicked deck.

 My IGN is pwndnoob, I will continue to make these posts whether people read them or not, but I will appreciate advice or constructive criticism on formatting, and please feel free to comment. Thanks for reading, till next time!

P.S. Gonna give some credit to Laziejim, who I think we've figured out was in part in




  1. I kind of want to try this deck out. I'd imagine that you could still win against Jet Pack as long as you could manage to draw Metasculpt somewhat reliably and could also live through a hit or two (assuming no breakthrough)

    1. Other than Jet Pack is kinda glitchy (no text) so Metasculpt doesn't solve the problem. Only way to deal with something that has been given Jet Pack is chunking, sparks, and the damage portion of Uranti Bolt.

      It also doesn't help when you put Energy Prison on a grower, let it get +30/+30, and have it suddenly attacking.

  2. I broke this deck apart a while ago, so I don't remember the exact list, but it was similar. I think my list had 1 or 2 electro nets to help the stall, 1 or 2 frozen solid because its a single turn energy prison, and a 1 of iceborn fortitude to save guys from repeated epidemics or dreadbolts after taking damage. I also wanted to put Ghox in alas I had none then and still none now!

    Don't forget you can energy prison your own warden, which is often a good idea because while you won't be replacing your wardens, your opponent will be replacing his prison'd guys. I often won games by carefully selecting who had defender before combat, and taking chunks out of their life total by having only my guy in an open lane not a defender before combat, then making him a defender after combat. If that one guy was a massive cypien'd middle lane warden, say after a lvl 3 uranti clears his opponent, the game could end in a hurry.

    In the end I took it apart because it had a terrible win rate vs heavy removal and T/N shapers. However I don't see many culls, scourgeflames, or grave pacts anymore and once shapers get nerfed maybe it'll be worth bringing back.